Importance of Management Information Systems

By: Miguel A. Virgen (March 21, 2017)

Management information systems (MIS) are highly used in the competition for improving the decision-making process to be more proficient and more successful in meeting the continuous variations of the market. As stated in the article, “In an effort to achieve this, many modern organizations, either mid or large sized, have concerned with a cycle of progressive investments in and adopted new management information systems components.” One can see that management information system (MIS) components play a crucial role, and are changing along with the new technology and constantly changing the market. In current practices, up-to-date information systems sustained by a proficient mechanism control is essential in order to ensure that an information system is achieving the necessary activities. Current practices are also implementing product differentiation strategies in order to develop brand loyalty and creating products and services in which the competition cannot be duplicated by their competition. Highly experienced analysts work with information systems in order to assist in further developing accurate planning, as well as strategic decisions and tactical decisions within the organization. In light of the Article, “The nature of globalization and competitiveness in the market stress on the importance of developing an organization capability through better enhancing MIS.

There was a study conducted to evaluate whether the government financial institution (Case One) and the Private financial institution (Case two) are different in regards to the implementation of management information systems. The studies revealed that management information systems were mainly used to improve strategic planning in the bank. Also, it was revealed management information systems were the least used in tactical planning. One can see from the collected information from the study the use and implementation of management information systems in two different banks. It can be predicted that strategic planning and tactical planning are highly used in current practices with the use of management information systems.

This article is a great example of the importance of management information systems in the continuous competition in improving the decision-making process, working more proficient, and keeping up with changing market; hence, being a competitive organization. Organizations today are implementing management information systems in order to improve strategic planning and tactical planning, although studies showed that tactical planning was the least used.


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