A Masterpiece Was Never Created By A Lazy Artist.

BYMiguel A. Virgen (November 28, 2016)

At first, I had no idea about how to invest in the stock market, so I read approximately 35 eBooks from Kindle on my MacBook Pro within the course of two months. I simply demolished through them, some books were great others were just a reread of what I read from other books. I can say that In order to make money in the stock market, you must have a strategic game plan and stick with it. I personally learned some simple stock patterns early on and can now see them at a glance when I look at individual stocks. I am not a financial advisor, but my personal opinion would be that the stock market is getting closer to a collapse and investors should diversify their portfolio to hold more cash on hand and wait for the blood bath to be over to jump back into the market when stock prices are cheap then sell for a big profit. This is just my opinion and not financial advice. I would recommend investors to invest in more tangible investments such as launching your own business, real estate investments, start blogging, become an affiliate marketer, do photography, or start another business while simultaneously running your other business. If you do not have at least 4 sources of income, you better start hunting. Dreams do not work unless you do, and you do not always need a fully thought out plan, you just have to apply yourself and do it.

 As I explored various journeys as who I was and who I wanted to become, I quickly realized that it was not efficient attempting to become the person I wanted to be; hence, I was already the person I needed to be. I started going out to explore my horizons and engage in thought-provoking conversations over cocktails at the sky bar lounge on the roof top of Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, CA with like-minded individuals that are also on the never ending journey of investing in their self, investing in their wealth, and exploiting wealth formulas. I used to sell myself short of opportunities until I realized that mind-blocks were indeed real, and breaking down these mind-blocks that I had was the beginning of being true to myself and being the best version of myself.



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