The Key To Success Is To Start Before You Are Ready.

By: Miguel A. Virgen (November 27, 2016)

     I always jumped into new ventures without really wasting too much time contemplating on the idea. Whether it was trading stocks, launching my photography business, or starting a website, I always just jumped right in without thinking too much about if I was ready or not. Everyone can learn what they need to learn in order to achieve what they want to achieve. Whether it is a new investment or business venture, the process is exciting, you start getting creative, and you start believing in yourself. After High School I thought I was not ready for college; however, I was not particularly aware of my special ability to engage multiple neurological cylinders simultaneously. I then went to the University of Phoenix for my Associate’s degree and Herzing University for my Bachelor’s degree. This ability is how I can sit here overlooking West Hollywood drinking Moet & Chandon typing this blog on my MacBook Pro with one hand, setting up my Stop Quote Limit on a stock investment on my iPhone with the other, all while mentally categorizing and visualizing how I am going to make this website worth over $100,000 with 540,000 unique visits $51,000 yearly cash flow, then sell it for a profit. Start before you are ready, it is spontaneous, exciting, and you get energy from the new experiences.

You are in the sales business whether you like it or not. Everyone in this world is a salesperson. Regardless of your gender, occupation, IQ, breast size, blood type, ejaculatory distance, or whether you like to contemplate on which paisley bow tie would best match your boat shoes with the grouping of European Royal families covering the halls of the Ivy League, we are all selling something. It does not matter if you are trying to land that internship in a prestigious law firm, getting a rude hostess to seat you on a weekend without a reservation, or trying to make Bankruptcy seem like a beneficial thing, you are putting something out in the world in hopes that the world will purchase it. Want someone to like you? You need to sell yourself as a person they would like. Want shareholders to invest in your startup? You need to sell them on how you are the entrepreneur to triple their money. Want someone attractive to have sex with you? You need to sell them on how the berry in your Very Berry Hibiscus tea is sweeter than the next guys.


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