Competitive Advantage

By: Miguel A. Virgen (November 27, 2016)

I can accomplish in one hour what it takes most people a full day to accomplish. There are some business savvy know-it-alls that claim they do more before 9 a.m.  than most people do all day. I am not a business savvy know-it-all, but if I had been, they would have to change that last part of the saying to 6 a.m., because by 9 a.m., I already own your soul. There is no point in having an idea without taking action and having an obsessive work ethic. Time is sacred and it is very scarce. Every minute lost is a minute you will never get back. View your time like you would view your money. They are basically the same thing. You should have the mindset that with the right resources, you can form a corporation and take over a miscellaneous financial investment activity group! There are always going to be a distraction throughout a given day, as well as people and tasks fighting for your attention. However, you need to set a goal, ignore the noise, and get work done.

My journey for power does not punch in at eight and punch out at six. It does not take weekends off. It is not at home in time to watch the new season of The Office, and my journey for power does not recognize Columbus Day. The climb to the top is a 24/7, 365-days a year effort. as soon as my day job ends my night job begins. Accomplishments made between 6:30 pm and 1: am is just as, and sometimes, more important than the points you score during the traditional business hours. Some of my greatest accomplishments happen outside of my traditional work hours. More entrepreneurial business gets done over cocktails at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Dinners, drinks, events, functions, they are all essential to your survival. When it comes to attending events throughout the year,  do not half-ass anything. You want people to think of you like a MasterCard Gold Card. You are everywhere they want to be.


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